Instructions for presenters (2018)

Oral presentations

Oral presentations will take place in the Kuusi room of the Sibelius Hall.

The standard oral presentation time slot is 20 mins, including time for questions. We ask that presenters respect the time limits.

Please prepare your presentation in Powerpoint or pdf format. If you wish to use other formats please inform us in advance.

Please load your presentation to the computer in the Kuusi room, either before the morning program (morning presentations) or at lunch time (afternoon presentations).

Poster presentations

The poster session will take place on Monday afternoon in the Haapa room at the Sibelius Hall. Authors should be in attendance throughout the session.

The poster boards are 970 mm (horizontal) x 1170 mm (vertical). Please prepare your poster to fit these dimensions. Use color, make the poster information clear and attractive.

Please attach your poster to the board on Monday, before the morning program. Pins, tape etc. will be provided.

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